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2020 was a challenging year for all but especially the Travel Industry.

While I was luckier than some with my partner retaining his job, I still lost my entire income. Subcontracting to a travel company, I became a luxury item and was the first go, followed by many others.

Thousands were being made redundant across the industry every day, and we all sat there watching our livelihoods unravel before our eyes. Our beloved industry in shreds at the mercy of the government slamming closed international and domestic borders. Small businesses threatened with the possibility of shutting their doors after 20+ years in what was a booming industry!

An outpour of devastation,

mourning of an industry,

frustration, anger, sadness, desperation

and in some cases...defeat.

All the while, every single travel agent out there that was or is still employed tirelessly campaigns for their clients day in and day out with zero income...still fighting for refunds, still repatriating stranded Australians, still cancelling and rebooking every time a change to a border happens, or another imposed lockdown occurs. With the Government end the Travel Industry's supporting lifeline, JobKeeper thousands more have entered the job market as Agency Owners struggle to keep their doors open.

Am I going to lose my business? Or my job?

How will I provide for my family? What am I going to do?

Can I ride this out until international borders reopen?

Can I transfer to another industry? I've only ever known travel.

I need a resume; I need to update my resume...where do I even start?

It was amongst this ensuing chaos and trail of collateral damage caused by COVID that I was inspired to launch Wanderlust Resumes as a support arm for the travel industry, offering career advice, guidance and support from someone uniquely qualified to do so.
Someone who has been in the industry for 15+ years and gets it. I get the industry, the people, the jargon and the passion for travel! I get YOU!

We can help you adapt your skills to another industry, stand out in a crowd or put your best foot forward in highly competitive roles in or out of the travel sector.

If you need help or would like more information, get in touch at info@wanderlustresumes.com.

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To empower Travel Industry professionals through their career journey.

We're here to:

Help lead you in the right direction,⁠
Identify your transferable skills and achievements,⁠
Provide expert career advice and support,⁠
Empower you as a Travel Industry Professional to know your worth and be confident in a competitive jobseeker's market with a career strategy that works.⁠



To guide, support and coach candidates through the job-seeking process.

We want to:

We want to give you a "rhyme" to your "reason" and coach you through your career journey with a robust strategy that sets a framework for you going forward.⁠

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Be real / Act with Integrity

We value and focus on our customer, always acting in your best interest.⁠

Innovation / Make the Impossible Possible

We believe in your potential and aren’t afraid to make you stand out with creativity and innovation that challenges the traditional.⁠

Be Bold / Stake Your Claim

We help you own your achievements and shine bright in a competitive job market.⁠

Growth / Constant Improvement

We always strive to be at the forefront of writing techniques and best practice when it comes to putting your best foot forward.⁠