As someone who has worked within the Travel Industry for more than 15 years, I get it! I get the industry, the people, the jargon and the passion for travel! I get you!

I’ve worked for some of the big players, companies such as Flight Centre Ltd in Australia & New Zealand, Topdeck Travel in London, Los Angeles & Australia and most recently Ignite Travel Group, right here on the Gold Coast.

Encompassing many areas of the industry including Retail, Leisure and Groups, from Youth Travel Touring to affordable Luxury Holiday Packages and everything in between, I’ve had many roles covering of Contracting/Product Procurement & Negotiation, Content & Product Loading, Marketing, Sales/Front Line & Customer Service, Ticketing, Inventory Management, Outsourcing and Process Improvement.

In the current climate we find ourselves in, with the world inadvertently affected by COVID-19 and the Travel Sector taking a colossal hit, almost to the point of being shut down, there are a lot of jobs on the line and redundancies happening if not already.

The reason I’ve started this business is to help you use the skills you have developed within the Travel Industry and adapt them to other job opportunities and/or industries during this time.

Subsequently, when the world goes back to normal and the industry recovers, there will be massive campaigns backed by the government to drive clients back into destination. Things will ramp up quickly and Australian travel businesses will need staff quickly and I will be there to help you put your best foot forward!

For help with your resume, give me a call or email me today to organise a consultation. ​​

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