Cover Letter Writing

Are they pointless? Do you even need one?


A hot topic for debate. Some applications require them. Others do not. Some Hiring Managers read them. Others do not.

But some cull their applications by 75% purely due to no cover letter submitted and then cull further if that cover letter is basic, full of cliches or does not resonate with the hiring manager or role. Even worse is the astounding number of cover letters submitted with the wrong company name...err, embarrassing!


So, to eliminate the risk of missing out. It's best to include an articulate cover letter that is targeted to each role, highlighting your competency. The hiring manager will appreciate the effort you've put in.


Enhance your application now...

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All Cover Letter Services include:
  • 20 Minute Discovery Call

  • Design and formatting

  • ATS friendly formatting

  • Keyword optimisation

  • Attention commanding cover letter

  • Editable documents

First Class Lounge - $189 (+GST)

Or 6 weekly interest-free payments of $34.65 with


Suitable for Senior Executives: C-suite level, General Managers, Directors, "Head of", and Regional or National Managers.


Captains Salute - $139 (+GST)

Or 6 weekly interest-free payments of $25.48 with


Suitable for Middle Management: Team Leaders, Line Managers, Sales or Product Managers, Agency Owners, Managers with direct reports.


Crew Members - $99 (+GST)

Or 6 weekly interest-free payments of $18.15 with


Suitable for Professionals: Travel Agents, Sales Executives, Customer Service, Support Staff


Generic doesn't
live here...

Our writing is targeted and specific to the role or industry you're looking to move forward in. It requires your time and input to craft a bespoke document that encapsulates you and speaks to the Hiring Manager—your audience and potential next employer.


Amanda is the Cover Letter Queen!

She managed to articulate my skills and previous experience, relate them to a totally new industry, and she made me stand out!

I was interviewed and offered the job within a week even though the position had already closed on Seek.

Thanks, Amanda.


"Amanda from Wanderlust Resumes wrote a cover letter for me which surpassed anything I could have expected!

There was such a skill in capturing attention and highlighting my value to the hiring manager. The fresh approach is just what I needed.

Amanda is very professional and understands transferrable skills. Highly recommend!" 



"Amanda helped me with a cover letter for an application and was professional and friendly.

The letter was amazing and professionally sold my skills in a way I could never have done!

Even managed to fit me in earlier than she originally thought."


"Amanda has been a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and professionalism are outstanding. She made the process really easy and my resume and cover letter look and sound amazing!

Thank you again."