Government Applications

Applying for a Federal, State or Local government role?


Government applications are more stringent than your average job application. They often require Key Selection Criteria to be answered as part of your application and can be quite specific in the way applications are received. They may require a or 2-page statement in addition to your resume.


Having your application handled by someone who understands government roles and applications can increase your chances of success.

Don't worry; you're in good hands with our Government Specialist based in Canberra.

Meet Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Cahill

Resume - $260 (+GST)

Crafted specifically for your government application with compelling content that highlights your skills and accomplishments. The foundation of your job application.


One-page Statement - $185 (+GST)

Common for Commonwealth Government positions, a one-page statement is for applications that request a response no longer than one page or up to 600 words written to meet the skills and capability requirements as determined by the Federal or State Government.


Two-page Statement - $340 (+GST)

A professionally written and targeted statement crafted to highlight your suitability by aligning the job position description and specified criteria. Two-page statements are for applications that require a response between 600 and 1500 words, written to meet the skills and capability requirements as determined by the Federal or State Government.


Key Selection Criteria - $85 (+GST) per question

Key Selection Criteria (KSC) are questions that are written to delve deeper into your skills, experience, knowledge or attributes and how they would fit with the role.  Applications that request KSC will require the applicant to provide written responses, generally with a word limit for each criterion.


APS Government Package - $570 (+GST)

A popular option for those looking to apply for government roles. This package provides you with a resume and two-page statement/pitch that complement each other and the position you are applying for.

What do you get?

  • Discovery call to talk through your experience, achievements and suitable examples to use in your documents.

  • Professionally written resume

  • A two-page statement, written to encompass required competencies and responsibilities.

  • Up to three revisions to your draft documents.


Job Search Package - $800 (+GST)

Applying for government roles can be a long process, so many clients will have multiple applications in train at the same time.  This package is perfect if you are actively seeking a new role. One package - three applications!  Save money and time - please note that this covers applications requested within a 6 week period from the first request.  

What do you get?

  • Discovery call to talk through your experience, achievements and suitable examples to use in your application document.

  • Professionally written resume, tweaked for each application x3—up to one page.

  • A one-page pitch or cover letter format x 3

  • Up to three revisions to your draft documents.


Generic doesn't
live here...

Our writing is targeted and specific to the role or industry you're looking to move forward in. It requires your time and input to craft a bespoke document that encapsulates you and speaks to the Hiring Manager—your audience and potential next employer.


I highly recommend Gabrielle. My resume and cover letter were finished really quickly and I got an interview for the job! I wanted help focusing my resume on my admin skills as opposed to my technical skills. My new resume is perfection. Can't thank you enough.


"Gabrielle is an amazing talent and holds a wealth of knowledge. If you are looking for a new job I highly recommend her services. With her assistance I have received multiple job offers. Gabrielle knows how to make your application stand out by breaking down the jargon. Thanks again!"


"Gabrielle helped me customise my Resume and Cover Letters to fit into the Government job market, taught me how to tailor each application according to the positions' requirements, and provided valuable tips and tricks to use during interviews. From the time she helped me with my resume, I started getting interview calls and secured talent pool positions for 3 Government agencies."


Gabrielle made me feel important and at ease. The questionnaire was straightforward, and within a day, she had contacted me to discuss any questions I had. The next day my completed resume was emailed back to me, and after a couple of tweaks, I now have an amazing resume. I am now confident to apply for my dream job. I would highly recommend Gabrielle to help you with all your needs.