Hire a Travel Professional

There is so much talent in the Travel and Tourism Industry. 

If you are an employer from outside the industry looking to hire, then you have just stumbled across one of the biggest recruitment opportunities of the year, decade...century, even! The chance to get your hands on some of the most amazing employees you could ask for. 

The industry now faces job losses of 30,000-40,000 if there is no support package following the end of JobKeeper.

One industry's LOSS is another industry's GAIN.

Video Credit: Matt Campbell — Amplify21

If you're looking for a hard worker, travel professionals are relentless and go above and beyond for their clients, advocating on their behalf to achieve the absolute best result. They are solutions-focused multitaskers, talented salespeople and pragmatic business people who are passionate, loyal, energetic and, did I mention, resilient!


Despite doing it the toughest right now, every single travel agent out there that was or is still employed tirelessly campaigns for their clients day in and day out with zero income...still fighting for refunds, still repatriating stranded Australians, still cancelling and rebooking every time a change to a border happens, or another imposed lockdown occurs.


I don't know about you, but that's the kind of individual I'd want on my team.

If you have a role that needs filling and are interested in a Travel Industry Professional, please send through the job description. We will promote it through Travel Industry networks.