• Amanda Ewing

Will you be ready for the Travel Industries return?

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to update your resume.

Most people that have lost their jobs due to #covid19 are self isolating and social distancing, which means you all have a lot of time on your hands!

So what better time dust off your resume and start updating it.

As everything starts to bounce back and borders start to reopen, you can bet there will be campaign after campaign funded by Tourism bodies to get people back into destination.

Not to mention the amount if people that are holding credits with Travel Agencies or Airlines that will be ready to travel and get back out into the world after being sentenced to home detention for 6 months 🤣

So what does that mean? Marketing campaigns mean LOTS of advertising! Advertising means LOTS of enquiry. Lots of enquiry means they need LOTS of staff to make LOTS of bookings! Which means LOTS of jobs!

And not just jobs answering phones and making bookings either...

It starts with #productstaff, these guys get the ball rolling, negotiating with Hoteliers, Ground Operators and Airlines to get you the best the deal. #productmanagers #productcoordinators #productexecutives #productprocurementofficers

After that you have #productloaders, people with extensive experience in Travel reservations systems that can load those contracts & deals into the system. If its not loaded, it can't be sold.

Common reservations systems: Calypso, Dolphin Dynamics, Travel Studio, Rezopia, Explorer, Rezdy.

You can bet your bottom dollar the government tourism bodies will make it rain $$, so who is going to build these campaigns...?

This is where your #marketingteam come into play. #digitalmarketing experts (Social media, EDM's, digital ads), #advertisingmanagers for traditional print newpapers, magazines, billboards, TVC's, the whole nine yards!

#graphicdesigners will be in high demand to make all of the above look pretty as well as #copywriters to entice the reader to take action, pick up the phone and make that enquiry.

What about once its booked? You have back office #supportstaff. These are your #ticketers & #operations staff...all the folks to never see or hear about but are the cogs in the machine that help make the wheel spin.

This is just the tip of the ice berg...on top of this you have in-destination staff #drivers, #tourleaders, #chefs, #resortstaff #airlinestaff, #hospitalitystaff the list goes on and on.

All of these are going to be in demand, so what are you waiting for. Get your resume up to date and and get ready cos when it happens, its going to be big!

If you need a hand, I'm here to help, just give me a shout!

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