Resume Writing

Your resume is a POWERFUL marketing tool!

A carefully crafted document that is concise yet punchy. Infusing your value and worth through an achievement-focused resume is what makes hiring managers take notice.

With the right framework that specifically targets your audience...your phone will start ringing with interview invitations.


Complete with a Discovery Call that touches on job search strategy and a Deep-Dive Consultation, we uncover your accomplishments and successes through forensic questioning—even ones you may have forgotten about! Doubling as interview preparation that sets you up for success.


Let us do the hard work and write you a high impact document that encapsulates you.


Our clients leave feeling confident and empowered as they look towards the next opportunity in their career journey.

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All Resumes Services include:
  • 20 Minute Discovery call

  • Resume questionnaire

  • Deep-dive consultation

  • Design and formatting

  • ATS friendly formatting

  • Keyword optimisation

  • High-calibre achievements-focused resume

  • References Template

  • Wanderlust Resumes guide - Tailor your resume to the job

First Class Lounge - $489 (+GST)

Or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $89.65 with


Suitable for Senior Executives: C-suite level, General Managers, Directors, "Head of", and Regional or National Managers.


Captains Salute - $349 + GST

Or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $63.98 with


Suitable for Middle Management: Team Leaders, Line Managers, Sales or Product Managers, Agency Owners, Managers with direct reports.


Crew Members - $249 (+GST)

Or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $45.65 with


Suitable for Professionals: - Travel Agents, Sales Executives, Customer Service, Support Staff


In-Flight Safety Check - $49 (+GST)

Or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $8.98 with


Need a second set of eyes to take a look at your resume and point you in the right direction? 
Get personalised notes and advice from a professional with a comprehensive resume health check-up.


Generic doesn't
live here...

Our writing is targeted and specific to the role or industry you're looking to move forward in. It requires your time and input to craft a bespoke document that encapsulates you and speaks to the Hiring Manager—your audience and potential next employer.


"WOW! I am just BLOWN away by Amanda's care, high quality of work and level of interest!

Seriously if you're thinking about getting a CV done DO IT, it's worth every cent!

The work is tailored to you and your needs, she really cares and puts 100% in."


"Amanda is a whizz! She just knows the right questions to ask to get the best results. Things that I didn't think were important were. 

Trust in Amanda's process, I've already had positive outcomes in the shortest amount of time."


"Amanda helped me with my resume recently. I applied for 4 jobs in Youth Work.

I received 4 interviews and was fortunate enough to get 3 job opportunities. I would highly recommend Wanderlust Resumes."


"WOW, WOW, WOW, Amanda is amazing!

So articulate and creative. It's hard to believe those details captured and transformed are really about me—I would totally hire me!!

I would highly recommend anyone who wants a CV refresh or overhaul to utilise Amanda's creativity. I am so happy I was recommended to do so."